have you ever thought...
i never know what to wear
i have lots of clothes but nothing to wear
i hate shopping and can never find what I want
i don't like the look of the current fashions, they don't suit me

or perhaps you want to know how you can look younger and thinner without surgery?

if you're able to identify with any of the above,
stylesavvy can help you.

ever wondered why some people consistently manage to look fantastic no matter what the occasion?  

it's no coincidence. these people have style savvy, that is, they understand style and colours and stick to what suits them rather than following fleeting fashions.

wearing the right styles and colours can take years and kilos off you!  

stylesavvy has helped women of all ages, shapes and sizes to look and feel fabulous and find great items for their wardrobes on any budget.   

stylesavvy has helped workplace debutantes create the right image, mummies look yummy through pregnancy and beyond and grannies get glamorous. stylesavvy has had success assisting clients with a diverse range of needs.

how can stylesavvy help you?
offering a range of services focussed on making you look your best and find new love for shopping and dressing, stylesavvy can help you

  • identify and understand styles that best complement your body shape
  • make the most of the clothes you have and identify useful additions
  • navigate the minefield between fashion and style
  • dress stylishly without spending a fortune

stylesavvy is ideal for women who want to

  • change or polish their personal presentation
  • develop a practical and distinctive wardrobe to suit their lifestyle
  • adjust their presentation to suit career or lifestyle changes
  • create a functional wardrobe for their first job
  • find the perfect outfit for that special occasion (wedding, formal, ball, races, party)

introductory personal consultation
a great place to start, this one hour consultation is ideal if you would like to find out more before you commit to a specific stylesavvy service.

the consultation includes a lifestyle analysis - crucial in understanding what your wardrobe needs to support - review of your current style and general presentation (hair, makeup, clothing) and personal objectives (what you hope to achieve in this process).

style action recommendations are made on conclusion of this consultation. the consultation fee is redeemable against booking further stylesavvy services.

wardrobe workout
do you have things in your wardrobe that never see the light of day?   working on the premise "if it doesn't make you look and feel fantastic, it has no place in your wardrobe", this service is great for everyone, including the already stylesavvy.

the wardrobe workout is an extremely cathartic experience and includes

  • review of all clothes, shoes and accessories
  • recommendations on what to toss and what to keep
  • wardrobe organisation
  • a detailed report including best colours, styles and a shopping list for key items to complete a style savvy wardrobe

shopping with stylesavvy
eliminate the hard work, avoid expensive purchasing mistakes and enjoy a successful shopping experience. stylesavvy will save you time and money with a comprehensive knowledge of labels in all price ranges. stylesavvy will help you find the perfect items to suit your needs whether you are shopping for a special occasion or an entire wardrobe.

your personal style guide is independent of any store or designer. acting on you behalf they will navigate you through appropriate stores in a location convenient to you, select garments and do all the running around while you are in the change room.

complete stylesavvy makeover
if you are seeking a total style solution then this is the package for you.   delivered in two half day sessions, the package includes a style consultation and analysis, hair and make up recommendations and referrals, wardrobe workout, shopping list and half day shopping trip.