inspired by makeover shows but don't know where to start in your own home?

want to re-energise your office space without a costly refurbishment?

perhaps you have the vision but no time to organise? 

stylesavvy can help you realise the potential of your space creating inspiring interiors that reflect your style and personality and support your lifestyle.

stylesavvy provides advice on improving presentation and efficiency with a range of services designed to make the most of your home environment without expensive renovation. we focus on quick, cost effective solutions to produce maximum impact on minimum budget and realise the potential of your living space.

home styling
is your pad far from stylish? do you stare long and hard at your walls searching for inspiration? what to do? where to start? stylesavvy can provide you with a vision and detailed plan to take your home from drab to fab!  

from the initial consultation in your home we develop a detailed plan with recommendations ranging from simple jobs to the more complex. you can decide what you want to tackle on your own and what you would like our help with.

stylesavvy can provide advice on colours, furnishing and accessories to update your home.

styling for sale
in the current competitive market, sellers need to do everything they can to increase the appeal of their properties to get the best price in the shortest time. stylesavvy can create the WOW to make your property stand out.

stylesavvy will visit your home and provide you with a detailed report of areas needing attention to capture the imagination of potential buyers.   we provide advice on cost effective ideas that can be actioned quickly prior to your first open house.   You can choose to action the items on your own or enlist our assistance if you don't have the time.

the more time we have the better for achieving best results, if you are thinking of selling your home it's wise to make an appointment as soon as possible.

other services
if you haven't got the time, let stylesavvy organise the work for you.   services organised include cleaners, handymen, rubbish removal, storage, furniture hire, gardening and plant hire.

de-cluttering service
are clear surfaces a distant memory in your home? fast running out of space to put things? cant find anything when you need it? or do you need it at all?

stylesavvy provides objective advice on what to keep, store and toss along with practical solutions for storing and organising your possessions to make the most of your living space.

interior shopping
stylesavvy will shop with or without you to find the perfect furnishings and finishing touches for your home or office. working from a shopping list developed in the interior consultation and to your predetermined budget

there's something available to suit every budget, how we put it together is what makes the difference.

office/commercial styling
optimise your work place ensuring it's consistent with your brand. stylesavvy can help turn your office into a functional and inspirational environment.

haven't got the budget for a major refurbishment? stylesavvy provides cost effective ideas to make your office rock! we can offer advice on colour schemes, layout, furnishing and accessories and provide the level of assistance that you require to make it all happen.